Jeweled Magnet Pins – 3 Styles



These beautiful jewels literally have a magnetic personality!  Versatility abounds because of the very heavy duty but not heavyweight magnets.   It is a wonderful thing to be able to wear as a beautiful pin without risking punctures and tears to clothing.  Even better is the ability to embellish all  kinds of products such as photo albums, frames, boxes, etc. because the magnets really hold.  No monogram on these items, but they can easily be paired with items that do allow for monogramming, e.g. frames, etc.

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Art Deco Woman, Small Fan Shell, Giant Clam Shell

Giant Clam Shell

3-1/4" T x 4" W

Small Fan Shell

1" T x 1" W

Art Deco Woman

2-1/4" T x 2" W