Monogramming Selections

Please select your monogram from the style selections noted on the following monogram style page and include that information in the Notes section of your order on the checkout page. In order to avoid confusion or disappointing mistakes with your monogram order, please provide the following:

  1. Full Name for the monogram, in order of first, middle and last name. We will arrange the order of initials based on the style of monogram you choose. For example, an interlocking script monogram for Karen Daniels Williams would be KWD, with the last name initial larger in the center.
  2. Optional placement of monogram, if space is available on the item chosen. Please select: (1) Top left, (2) top center, (3) top right, (4) center/center, (5) bottom left, (6) bottom center, or (7) bottom right. Otherwise, monogram will be placed in a standard monogramming position.
  3. Monogram Style. Please choose name of monogram from these monogram options (link opens in new window).

As an example, in the Notes section of your order, it would read:

Karen Daniels Williams
Top Center
Interlocking Script Monogram

Should you have questions, please do contact us prior to placing your order.

Thank you!